A Sunday after my own heart

Ola ola,

On one side I’m not entirely sure I am loving this colder weather, but on the other side today we really enjoyed it.

As I came home from a festival at 05.00 last night I decided to take it slow today. He’s been training well all week, so he deserved a day off. This meant that Grumpy got to play outside. There was a big water puddle in his paddock after all the rain yesterday, which I thought he would love. I was majorly mistaken, he wasn’t even slightly interested in it. He did decide to roll on one side. Then he found it was to cold so didn’t not roll over. Haha

After cleaning up the mess we went to the solarium. He had never tried this one, but went in bravely and enjoyed it for 20 min.

For the rest he got one to many candies and I cleaned up my closet while he was eating his afternoon food. I really wish I could win the lottery so that I could do this everyday, but then I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much anymore.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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