Pavo Ease and Excel

Good evening.

Hope you are all doing well!

A while back I heard about this new sport muesli called Ease and Excel from Pavo. Specially designed for horses with stomach problems. Recent tests have proved that a lot more horses then at first thought has stomach problems.

I’ve often thought that Grumpy had it too, that’s why I found this food quite interesting. He is a bit of a stressy one and his old food schedule wasn’t the best with quite long periods between feeding. I actually wasn’t aware that horses should eat every 4 hours to avoid stomach problems. This way they produce spit which again protects the stomach. However at the moment he is looking and feeling quite well so I am hesitant to change his feed.

I ordered a test package from Pavo for free to check out how it looked. It smells very rabbit food, but looks quite yummy, from a horse point of view. Haha. The muesli also have several other good vitamins and minerals to help the horse have a faster recovery after working.

Only a vet can check if your horse got stomach issues, but look for signs like tiredness, teethgrinding when not working, yawning a lot and light colic appearances. If your horse shows any of these signs this feed might be for you.


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