Staying positive

Ola ola,

Hope you readers are doing well! Since I often start with a weather update, let’s do that today as well. How nice isn’t it that it’s becoming warming? Can’t wait for the summer to arrive!

This week Grumpy got a massage from the vet. The last few months have been quite stressful for him so he was stuck here and there. After a few days of walking and cuddles he was allowed to move again. I was hoping that everything was going to be smooth sailing from here on out, but as you know, horses have a nice tendency to get under your nails. Haha. On the lunge yesterday he went better then in a long time, but my riding today was another story. Oh well, we will keep practicing.

Good news is that I’ve finally found out which car I want. So tomorrow I am going around to dealers to see if they’ve got it. It had to be strong enough to pull a horse carrier, but not too big. Hopefully one of them have it so I can show it. Then Grumpy can run around in the woods again.

Took some photos with my new phone today. Cant believe how good the portrait mode is on the iPhone. Makes taking photos more fun!

Now I got to run to pick up my boyfriend at the airport, he is finally home again!

Have a nice weekend.


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