The scary room

Ola Ola,

As per usual we have found another challenge to overcome.

This time the challenge is to make Grumpy understand that one specific room is not full of scary little monsters. I have about two weeks to make him used to this room before the farrier is coming and he will have to go in there whether he wants it or not.

Yep, he won’t even look at me.

Today I had 15 tries before he finally walked in. Every try before that ended in him standing still as a frozen figure right before the door. People that walked by must have thought we were idiots as the room isn’t scary at all.

Here you have it. The scary room. I mean, I don’t see it at all. All the horses are more then friendly and not moving around. When I finally managed to get him in we ended up standing 10 minutes to make him used to it before we walked back to his stable. What an absolute drama queen.

Who else have such a diva?


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