It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later

Ola Ola,

Then the day was here that I haven’t really told about. The day Grumpy would move to a new stable.

Making the decision to move him was extremely difficult as I really did enjoy his now old stable, but due to life coming in the middle it wasn’t doable anymore. As explained before the last half year has felt like running to reach everything and the solution was to move him to somewhere where I could ride whenever I wanted to. Sometimes you almost wish it was some kind of drama that made you leave as that would make it easier, but leaving behind such a great bunch of people feels rough.

So to all the people of Spaarnwoude: thank you so much for all the laughs, joy and even tears. I’m going to miss you. I’ll come by every now and then for a drink at the bar.

Grumpy is now standing in his new stable. He was a bit stressed in the stable, but for the rest he seemed fine. Hopefully he will settle in without any issues.


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