Lately I’ve started to forget a lot. I keep joking to my boyfriend that I’m becoming demented, but secretly I’m really really worried.

It’s not that I forget super much, I just keep forgetting peoples names, where I place things and so forth. Last week I managed to forget my riding pants at home. I generally go to Grumpy straight from work, so boyfriend was so kind to bring them as I didn’t have time to drive home and back. Then today, I bloody manage to do it again, but yeah calling him to ask to deliver them again felt a bit silly. So as punishment me and Grumpy had to go outside on longe. However the good thing to this long useless story is that Grumpy was so KIND.

For two years I’ve stood in all kind of weather and darkness, twice a week lunging Grumpy, but this winter we had a couple of times that he would freak out so badly that I almost didn’t dare to do it anymore. Oh the big fat oh no. “You can’t be scared of your own horse”. The thing is that when I get scared I pull Grumpy towards me, which is not a good solution when your horse canters so fast his legs doesn’t even manage to follow anymore. But today he was so kind. No spooking, no running and just doing what he was meant to. We didn’t go on for long as the ground was freezing, but I’m happy nonetheless. Little battle won.

Picture obviously not from today. Way to cold for pictures…


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