Ola Ola,

The most fun day of the year for us was today. The yearly check up of Grumpy’s teeth.

I mean, I don’t blame him, I myself hate the dentist and would find any excuse not to go as a child. But to be able to keep his mouth and health as stable as possible, we gotta do it.

So today I went to the stable to sedate him before the dentist arrived. Normally he is pretty slow an hour into it, but today it seemed to work slowly. However after one and half hour we gave it a go.

We did manage to get trough most of it before the dentist accidentally made a sharp sound with the metal and Grumpy snapped out of his zen zone. Good thing my shoulder doesn’t snap out easily as he had a couple of head throws, but we got trough! Now his teeth are all good till next year.

I had a chat with the dentist to ask if he came across a lot of horses that was like Grumpy. He said that Grumpy was one of his worst cases cause most horse’s you can convince, but Grumpy will just go into a zone where you can’t convince him that it will be fine. Reminds me a lot about his owner. Haha

Glad it’s a whole year till next time.


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