Fairfield Lingus Bridle


Finally it seems that we got some traction in the Horse world and brands are realizing that “hey, we can start to innovate to”. More and more brands are coming with new bridles which are created to release pressure off the horses head.

Next out in the game is Fairfield with their new bridle Lingus. This one looks rather similar to my Schockemohle Beta, but with its 66 euro price tag I can say I would have tried this before buying the beta.

Even tough the price is rather low, I’ve heard decent things about the Fairfield bridles. I’ve also had one in my hand when I went to the Kramer store and no you don’t get the best material, but for that price it’s more then ok.

You can buy the bridle HERE.


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  1. This is just what i was looking for IF the length across the nose is long enough – a micklem with a cavesson instead of a drop. Actual measurements of a Full anywhere?

  2. I too like this bridle – I have emailed them regarding measurements as I am not sure a Full will be big enough.

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