Our biggest supporter


I don’t know how I would ever manage without this person.

Those days that I have have to rush to eat dinner, it’s always ready when I come home from work so I can quickly eat before going to ride, and those days I need to ride before dinner it also stands ready when I’m done.

Whenever I am traveling he makes sure to do an extra check up on Grumpy. Making sure he gets an apple or two and that everything is as it should. Even going to Horse events he has no interest in, just so we can spend some time together.

For the last half year I’ve been so done in my head when I finally come home from work and Grumpy, but he still finds the patience to not get angry at me for not giving him enough attention. Most night it’s so bad I can’t even watch series as I can’t follow them.

Thank you for being our biggest supporter. Love you.

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