Jumping Amsterdam – Thursday

Ola ola,

A while ago someone asked me if I was going to Jumping Amsterdam, and I answered “No” as I thought it was in the weekend. Luckily I was wrong and last Thursday I had the chance to go and see some of the best dressage riders in the Netherlands ride like Jill Huijbregts, Danielle van Mierlo, Patrick van der Meer, Dinja van Liere and so forth. The list was long!

Dinja van Liere , HermesDenise Nekeman - BostonMaxime van der vlist - Baley

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, both how well it was organised as well as the riding people showed. We had no problem finding parking, nor finding our seats. Tough I had a mini meltdown in the line at La Place as it took me 15 minutes to get a portion of baked potatoes. Hangry, much? Yep. all the the way.

Maxime van der vlist - BaleyAdelinde Corneliussen - Fleau de baianJeanine Nieuwenhuis - TC athene

I saw several of these riders last year at the stallion show and I must admit it was nice to see that several had adopted a “kinder” way of riding. Especially the young talents had developed a lot, which was really nice to see. Maybe Rien van de Schaft aint that bad after all 😉

But hey, it wouldn’t be me if I was completely positive no?

So lets get done with it. Asses and saddles. We women often hopes and wishes our asses are a lot smaller then they are. Apparently quite some women thought that in the Prix St Georges on Thursday. Several had way to small saddles, which resorted in them sitting totally on the lip of the saddle or even bulging over. People riding on this level surly must know that doing so will make the saddle lay bad and the horse will use its back-muscles wrong. FEI and other organisations is focusing so much on whats going on at the front on the horse when it comes to bridles and so forth, but I almost think it’s time to look at the saddles as well. Will probably save a lot of horses from back problems.

thatgrumpyhorse01DSC_2381Danielle van Mierlo- Dayano

Other then these small annoyances I had a really nice evening. Soaked up loads of inspiration to continue riding and becoming better. Those horses, ow those horses. I sat there dreaming about how my future horse will look like. Specially the one from Patrick van der Meer was so beautiful.

Hope you had a nice weekend as well!

Jill Huijbregts - Enzos ArmaniJill Huijbretgs - Enzos ArmaniPatrick van der Meer - Presidents first apple

Patrick and President’s first apple. 

Ps, I had a small heart attack when I saw how poor the quality had become of the pictures I had taken. I tried my best to fix them as much as I could, but unfortunately I couldn’t save them totally. So please ignore the quality for this time only. 


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