New year, new chances

Ola Ola,

Long time no see. Happy new year to you all! Hopefully you had a great Christmas and New Years!

Things have been extremely busy lately, hence the silence. I must admit the last couple of months have been very heavy. Work has been extremely busy, and unfortunately Grumpy has had a lot of silly issues. I feel like he is trying to make me become a veterinarian, as I keep learning new things almost every week now.

The newest of the week is that he has a hoof abscess. For those that doesn’t know what it is, it means that he has an infection in his hoof that needs to come out. This is extremely painful for horses and the best is to treat it right away. The vet came on Sunday, he took off his shoe and now he has a beautiful little white and blue on instead. I’ve never in my life put a bandage on anything, but now I got a speedcourse in it. Luckily it’s already going a bit better, so hope the farrier can put a new shoe on, on Friday.

It’s becoming extremely frustrating that every time I get a little bit of muscle on him, something new happen. At the moment those backmuscles are long gone.

But ok, I can sit and whine for hours and it won’t help me nor him at all. I look forward to that this hoof abscess has passed so I can start training again. For the time being he receives a lot of cuddles, apples and the occasional solarium to give him a change of scenery.


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