Private lesson nr 2.

Ola Ola,

The weeks are flying by at the moment! It’s almost 2018, how crazy is that?

Yesterday I had a day off from work so I booked in a private lesson at 09.00 Yep, bright and early and very cold.

Gosh, That was hard Work. We are currently working on making Grumpy using all of his muscles instead of keeping his back flat. Apparently horseriding is all about feeling and making the horse work for you. I noticed none of that yesterday haha.

Because he locks his left jaw, I lock my left arm and a side effect of that, is that my right leg start moving because I’m not balanced. My whole body is hurting today. However we did get him moving towards the end of the lesson, which was good!

I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but when I ride like I did yesterday I get angry at myself. That right left and left arm needs to stop, so that will be my goal for the coming period, to make myself more balanced.

In the evening I went to a VIP evening at my local Horse-tack shop. So much nice clothes, but after buying a new bridle and paying all kind of horse bills, my account didn’t exactly allow me to buy much. I came home with some candies and a leather cleaner. Afterwards I went to buy a headset for training so that I don’t have to lend my trainers. Costed 16 euro which was pretty cheap for Sony’s.

Happy weekend everyone!


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