Massage & Germany 

Ola Ola,

A bit behind on the blogposts now, but I’ll start with what I did on Friday. 

Friday it was time for Grumpy to get his sportsmassage. Lately he’s been so insanely grumpy, but the minute the massage was done he already seemed happier, so something must have been tight. Except for a little freak out when the vet tried to reach for his feet he behaved like a star. 

After the massage, me and the boyfriend took the trip to Germany to the Horse conference Niederrhein. It’s a bit similar to Horse event here in the Netherlands, but smaller. However they had so much products I didn’t know where to look at some point. I think I got a bit overwhelmed, as I ended up buying two plastic brushes and some clipper oil and that was it. I did see the bridle that I wanted, so got to check out the leather on that one before I buy it. I should have bought some Eskadron saddle pads, as they were 20 euro for the focus ones, but oh well, next time. 

A lot of people went to stock up for the year which I totally understand as the prices were really good. 

Eventough I didn’t end up buying anything it was a nice little trip. 


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