Now we’ve finally survived mok fever nightmare, it’s time to focus on the next project.

Clipping/ shaving Grumpy. 

Today we had quite a good excersize, but then after the lesson he was so sweaty I had to wash him off. After a proper dry off and sweat rug he was still not dry so I put him under the solarium for 20 min. And guess what, still not dry. 

So we have to battle the clipper. The only thing is that the Diva starts knorring the minute he hears a clipper. Every time someone is shaving at the stable I’ve been taking walks with him by the spot to get him used to the sound. As a next step I’ve bought a small clipper from Sectoline. Every time I brush him I put on the clipper and will keep on continue to do so till he doesn’t care anymore. Luckily this clipper is pretty soundless and doesn’t shake to much, so hopefully next week I will be able to update you guys that I’ve managed to shave him. Even if it’s just one stroke. Haha


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