Last injection 

Good morning.

It’s the last work day of the week. Yay. Or friyay as most says. I only have a public speaking course, and then it will be weekend for me to! 

The other day the vet came to the last time for Grumpy. His legs kept being thick so had to check it one last time. The mud fever is now almost gone, but the vet thinks he got another virus and that’s why his legs are thick. So he got a new injection to make them thinner and then from there on out we should be fine. 

Grumpy is usually a little diva when such things happen to him, but this time he was totally fine. Didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t hold him with the injection as he feels me getting nervous and then he freaks out to. 

“I’ll stay away from you now” haha 

The vet will be coming back to give him a massage next week and then we can start training properly again. Wohoo. Can’t wait to see him in shape again. 

Have a great Friday!


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