Five years 


The other day I was looking trough all my photos on my Dropbox and realized that on the 18 of October 2012 I started horse riding. I had a little stint of riding when I was 10, but due to circumstances I couldn’t continue. 

That means that I’ve now been riding for five years. Feels so long ago, but also not.

The first 3 years of my riding ‘career’ was spent riding Tarzan, Tinka or Tiesto. Tarzan was my favorite. He was a 20 years old something horse that was safe and sound. I was terrified of even saddling a horse as I was so afraid it was going to kick me, but he did none of that. At a certain point I had 3 lessons a week on him I think. 

It’s funny looking back on old pictures and realising how far I’ve come. Back then I was terrified of everything. Saddling, canter, grooming, you name it and I was afraid of it. But it’s true what they say, “face your fears and they will go away”. None of these things bother me today. 

Hup hup till the 5 next years.


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