A long story short 


I could make this story very long, but I’ll try to keep it short. 

Monday this week, I noticed something was up. His back legs were a bit swollen and he was nicer than normal. Let’s just say he generally lives up to his name. However I figured he was just a bit different then normal and didn’t think more off it. Next day when I arrived at the stable all 4 legs were thick and he had fever. 

After two visits from the vet it was clear he had a virus, rain rot and grease heels(mok). Yep, it’s been a very very long week. Seeing him in so much pain has been hard.

However I’m happy it’s been identified what he has so we can battle the issues. His vitamines has been upped to hopefully give him a better immune system. The rain rot has been washes with Betadine shampoo, so hopefully that one will clear soon. The virus he got an injection for so hopefully that one is out the door too. And then you got the lovely grease heel.

When you have a “bloody” and very skeptical horse like Grumpy, it’s a mission and a half to get it cleaned and cream in it. He’s in so much pain that the moment you come close he kicks. I’ve even invented the smear stick. That’s when you have to use a long stick with a flap or sponge on the end, which you put cream on and you can then rather safely from distance smear the cream on the painful areas. Luckily I have great people around me that are patiently willing to help. This week would have been a true nightmare without them as I couldn’t have done it alone.  I’ve also become a lot quicker in my movements this week. Gotta look at the positives you know. Gonna be a ninja before this is all over. Haha. Just hope it will start giving in soon so that he doesn’t loose more back muscles from standing still and not working. 

I gotta give a “best boyfriend award” to my boyfriend this week tough. He’s so sweet that he stocked up the fridge with food before he jetted off to Argentina this weekend cause he knew I would be to tired to bother to go and buy food. He’s also bought towels and betadine shampoo for Grumpy as I had to work. How sweet is that?

Since it’s been a lot of focus on treatments and vets this week I’m going to give Grumpy off tomorrow from all things horrid. Just small walks, apples, carrots and cuddles. 

Guess I failed at the long story short. Ah well. Every experience is a learning. Grumpy will be all good again soon. 


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