Tack shopping in Mallorca 


Happy animal day! With all of these photos of animals on my social media I end up missing Grumpy more and more. He is being taken really good care of tough, so bet he doesn’t miss me at all. Hehe 

After one to many hours in the sun today, me and my boyfriend were laying bored at the hotel room. We are not drinkers and not really wine and dine every night kinda people, so after 3 days of watching series and shopping we decided to see what Mallorca had to offer when it comes to Horse stuff. Might have been me who decided that, but oh well, he was happy to get out of the room 😉 

After some googling I found two shops. The Zona EQuus and the Horse shop. As the island is known for it leather works I was hoping one of them would have a nice leather halter. 

We first went to EQuus which was a nice shop full of different brands from cheap to expensive. I was surprised to see how cheap, good breeches seemed to be. Many of them where like 50-60 euro, while in NL they would be at least a 100 euro. I found one halter here, but was so in doubt I didn’t buy it. They also had a Emerald Green Equiline saddle pad I’ve been wanting forever, but would have no clue how to bring that with me back home. Wouldn’t surprise me if Easyjet would charge me extra to carry it on. Haha 

Leather halter from EQuus own brand. Can be bought HERE

Secondly we went to The Horse Shop, which was almost so fancy I felt I had to go back home to change clothes before I went in. They sold all the expensive brands you would want from Kingsland, Prestige, Dyon to Equiline and so forth. They had a leather halter from Dyon, but at 130 euro I let it pass. 

In the end I actually didn’t end up buying anything, but it was interesting to see which brands they have here compared to home. I saw an amazing sheep skin girth that was so much cheaper then in NL. Hope you’ve had a good animal day! 


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