Hello from Mallorca 

Finally it was my turn to say “I am going on vacation”. Yesterday me and the boyfriend flew to Mallorca for a one week getaway. 

I must admit I always freak out a bit leaving Grumpy behind. As the control freak in me wants to be there with him the entire time, but sometimes you gotta let go no? I know he is in great hands, so I have nothing to worry about. 

We enjoyed some relaxation time before I left. 

Today is also the day that I met Grumpy for the first time two years ago. Today is also the day that my trainer is leaving the stable to go work for another one. She was the main reason why me and Grumpy ended up back at this stable after a very turbulent first week together. I must admit it feels a bit like loosing half a leg as she’s been my support system trough this bumpy ride with him, She’s been there to hear me whine and let me know to get my shit together when it was nessescary. We’ve had countless private lessons and conversations about horsemanship and what’s best for Grumpy. If she would have said she would leave a year ago I probably would have freaked out, but luckily I feel that me and Grumpy have learned a lot and that we can survive on our own now, hoho. It won’t take away the fact that we will miss you Kim! Luckily The Netherlands is very small, so I can visit her easily! 

Kim used to ride and compete with Grumpy.

I’m sad I can’t be there today to say goodbye, but I’ll see you soon! 👋🏻

Now sun time! See you later.


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