The Rambo dry rug drama 

You know that feeling when you finally can sleep long and you wake up at 6 am totally happy and rested? Well, yesterday I had that. Today my alarm was at 8 am and I woke up with the most grumpy and tired face ever. Like only a proper woman can be;)

The whole they have been spent sleeping and going to the barn twice to let Grumpy out and in the walker. I’ve also tried to take on the job of cleaning my Rambo dry rug. I love the rug, but gees every single little thing gets stuck on it. 

I took it home to try out different ways of cleaning it. Magic brush, cat hair brush, sticky tape and vacuum cleaner, but I simply can’t get it clean enough to be able to get it into the washing machine. So I stood there on my balcony with a face as long as a horse and kept trying to get it out. 

I’m officially defeated. 

So I sat down at the dinner table and had a good old whine about it, untill I started laughing of my first world problems. If my only problems is to loose wheight and cleaning a rug, then I really don’t have that much to complain about. 

Tomorrow I’ll buy some duck tape and hopefully that should help. But be aware, if you want this rug, make sure that you know it’s a nightmare to clean.


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