Entering annoying times


You gotta excuse my overly negative header, but let me explain.

This morning I showed up at the stable around 08.25 and let me tell you. It was cold. Very very cold. Which means the most difficult question of this period of the year arises:

Should you put a rug on it or not?

Grumpy is the biggest diva I know. So he gets cold really fast and then puts on a thick bearsuit. However its way to warm during the day to have a rug on him the whole day, and I don’t have the possibly to get to the stable in the morning to take it off. Oh the drama. Today I put on his summer rug when I was there in the afternoon so that he has something on overnight. I did see that it will drop to 10c tonight tough, so will have to take out the rugs from the shed I guess. The ultimate reminder that the autumn is coming!

2017-09-03 08.52.47

Our ride today wasn’t anything to write home about. He was really forward, which is something good, but then I need to learn to use that positive energy. Today we were a bit all over the place. Luckily we were riding alone, so no one noticed. haha.

2017-09-03 09.26.21

Tomorrow its time for another lesson!  Have a good Sunday eve 🙂




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