Back to work 


Yesterday it was time for our first lesson again after 3 weeks. Our stable closes in the summer for vacation which means we were left to our own. I must admit that it was really nice with the quietness, but gosh, it’s easy slacking off when no one is telling you what to do. 

Somewhere half way trough the lesson I realized that I had completely lost all of the little stamina I had and Grumpy had come accostume to the fact that I hadn’t been strict enough. Working? Naah why do that. Ah well, for the first lesson back it was alright. 

For a little bit of action I got my foot tangled in a rope on the side of the arena and for a couple of seconds my life went by in slow speed. I was so sure that this was going to be the one time I would fall off, but no no. Managed to hold on like a mosquito to a horse and stayed on. All stiff on the inside of my thighs today tough. Haha. A little action is needed now and then. I’m also to cheap to buy that cake for everyone(if you fall off you have to buy cake for everyone)….

Today it was extremely warm in the Netherlands so he got to be on the line and we did a relaxing workout. Nothing super exciting, but had to be done. 


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