Grumpy is looking  more and more like a bodybuilder every day now. I wish I could raise my hand and said it was all down to my amazing riding, but it’s not. 

For the last half year I’ve been lunging him twice a week to build muscles and better selfcarriage. It’s done amazing work for his back as I’m not good enough to build all of those myself yet. Even if he didn’t need the twice a week lunging I actually think I would still do it. It’s so good for your horse to move without you on your back and the muscles is always a plus. 

“I’m done now right?”

So, Who’s watching the European championship in Gothenburg? I thought I had to pay for watching it, but FEI let’s you get the first month for free as long as you cancel the subscription in time.

Isabel Freese on the beautiful Bordeaux. Of course I need to show the only Norwegian 😉 


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