Sometimes it’s OK to take it chill 

Today both me and Grumpy were a bit tired. So instead of pushing and forcing him to move forward we took it chill. I made sure that he got his legs and back stretched and then he was allowed to chill around in the paddock. 

It’s so quiet at the stable now as most people are on vacation so it was nice to sit outside and just enjoy the sound of the nature after a busy day at work. Sounds really cheesy, but coming from Norway I’m so used to being able to walk around alone in the nature so gotta enjoy this while I can. 

Grumpy isn’t allowed to much grass, but every now and then he gets to go on it for about 15 min. He needs to be a horse sometimes to. He made sure to take full advantage of it. 

Chilled Monday in other words. Hope you had a good start to the week as well!


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