The bling 

When I came into the whole equestrian industry I couldn’t understand why everyone was so into the bling. It was bling here and there and everywhere. 

Lately I’ve been to a lot of competitions and watched them on tv and if you got two people competing the absolute same way, I’ve noticed that most of the time the decked out one will win. Obviously totally not how it should be, but the equestrian industry is full of “shouldn’t be’s”. 

Someone must have talked into my ear while I was sleeping tough, cause now I’m warming up to the idea myself. I still wouldn’t go for the snakeskin, bling bling and overly extravagant look, but I do think a little subtle bling is nice. 

Yesterday I had to buy a gift for my horse loving cousin and while doing that I came across this jacket : Samshield Victorine 

The jacket is very technical, nice and soft fabric and good looking. The fabric is really stretchy and I think it looks classy. It only has a little bit of bling on the end of the arms. After working in the apparel industry for so long I think I just appreciate when brands finally come out with something innovative. Let’s face it, the equestrian industry must be the most slow going industry ever. 

Anyway, this jacket will enter my goal list. At the moment it wouldn’t look good on me and with the hefty price tag of 419 euro I can’t afford it either. Once I get a bit better and I’ve done some more competitions I’ll entertain the idea again.


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