Equilab Sunday and competition


Hope your enjoying your Sunday!

Today I finally had time to try out the app Equilab(that I mentioned in an earlier post) properly. What a fun little app it is when you got time to really use it. Below you can see my workout today. How funny isn’t it that you can see my whole stable on the photo? Crazy how technology works today. Anyhow, the workout. I focused on getting those transitions better, from walk to trot. Its funny how you see me walking more in the middle though, probably because I find it to long to walk to the other side. haha.

2017-07-02 17.08.04

As I’m starting to feel like I’m finally starting to get a hang of things I’m not on lookout for a dressage test based clinic in august, so that I can start out with that. I need to get out my big girl pants and just go for it now. Otherwise like my trainer says “It will never happen Maria”, which is true. So if anyone know any, let me know!

Today we also had a dressage competition at my stable, so I got up bright and early to support my trainer and Inge in medium advances levels. The weather started out really grey and my photo skills I must have left in bed, cause the amount of blurry fotos I had was not normal. Gotta focus some more next time! Here is a selection of todays fotos:

Gosh I wish that dirty laundry would move itself from the basket to the washing machine, but unfortunately thats not going to happy anything soon unless I do it myself. So happy Sunday to you all, hopefully you don’t have to do dirty laundry like me. haha

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