Long time, no see! 

Now I’ve finally settled a bit in my new job and have time to focus on the blog again. 

Today I did something super interesting called a flexchair. For those who doesn’t know what it is: you sit on a chair that is formed like a saddle that is connected with a laptop. On the laptop you can see if you for example sit in the middle of your saddle , if you lean to one side, if you move your pelvis in the right way and so forth. Super useful when it comes to horseriding as you can see if you put pressure on the horseback in the wrong way or not.

Before I went in I was a bit afraid that the outcome would be that I sit skewed as you see this with a lot of riders(leaning to one side or the other). However my outcome was that I sit very straight, but I need to dare to release my back and move my pelvis better front to back and vice versa so that I move better with the horse’s movements. She said I had a really good moving pelvis(how dirty is that word by the way?), I just had to learn to use it in the right way and release it. As she had dealt with horses with kissing spine she gave me some really good tips to use while riding Grumpy as well. 

I almost think they should make such chairs obligatory if you ride on a certain level as it gives you great insights. It can save your a lot of trips to the vet if you find out early that you sit skewed and you can fix it. I at least found it super interesting and useful. 

Now I’m going to read trough an article my instructor gave me to learn some more. 

Hope you’ve had a good Sunday!


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