People who inspire me 


(Be prepared for cheesy quotes to get you going) 

Some people grow up being super fans of certain bands or celebrities, but for some unknown reason I’ve never had that. However there are certain people that I follow/look up to based on how they perform or keep their horses. Whenever I’m in a dip I think about the list below and remembering what I’m working towards. 

Horse riding : if there is one thing I can watch for hours then it’s people that steer a  horse around without moving at all themselves. Unfortunately you hardly come across such people(let’s face it, even Isabel Werth have coach potato tendencies), but Charlotte Dujardin does one heck of a great job. What I love the most about her is that she doesn’t believe she’s done learning. So many people think their already Anky, and if you believe that, your never going to improve. Besides her I enjoy watching people that show off young stallions at shows cause those are the ones that really hustle and generally ride great.

Horsekeeping: Carl Hester. A lot of Carl’s principals when it comes to horse keeping crosses paths with those of mine. He believes that you need to start handling a horse from a young age and get it used to the environment to be able to enjoy it later on. He also believe in a very varied schedule and a lot of turnout. Bored horses become troubled horses. And people wonder why their horse is stiff when it’s been inside all day….. Hoho

Rider fitness: Anne and Lotte Meulendijks. If you’ve ever seen the vlogs of Anne and Lotte Meulendijks you’ve seen that they have one hell of a tight training schedule. When your sleeping, they are in the gym. I wish I had their discipline, but I really need to strengthen my core if I want a better positioning in the saddle. So every time I’m being lazy I’m remember why it’s so important and it makes it a bit easier to get going. 

So,  now I can forget the horrible riding I’ve done this week and move forward haha. 💪🏻


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