Lesson from the ground 


Been sitting here for ten minutes thinking about how to start this blogpost, bust my mind seem to not want to figure it out, so I’ll just get into what I wanted to tell. 

Lately I’ve noticed that Grumpy walked a bit slow from behind. It was like he was a bit lazy with his behind legs and didn’t bother to lift them properly. So last Friday I decided to have a lesson from the ground to see how I could fix it. So my instructor went for a ride and I got instructions on what to do and she would show me. You could instantly see Grumpy thinking loads of ugly words as he now had to work for it. 

So we’re back again. To the point where I need to be more consequent. Consequent consequent consequent. I’m pretty sure I’m going to dream about the word soon. But it’s the truth, the more consequent I am, the better and quicker he will move. Saturday I tried it out in the lesson and it really worked. He had a few buck moments, but when he realized he wouldn’t win he gave it up. Towards the end of the lesson I’m becoming tired which you notice straight away on my riding, so need to work some more on that as well. 

Sometimes I really wish I could press a button and I would turn into Charlotte Dujardin, but unfortunately this is a part of the road and everyday is a step closer to the goal! 

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