Been talking to myself 


Do you know what the best feeling in the world is? It’s when you’ve been trying to get trough that level on candy crush forever and suddenly you did it. Yep, nothing can describe that feeling haha.

All jokes aside. Yesterday I did something I normally don’t do. Talk to myself. 

I decided after riding Grumpy in the arena to take him for a walk around the little gallop circle we have in the woods. It’s definitely not far from the stable, but far enough for me to freak out. But yesterday I had my big girl shoes on, and figured that if you want to overcome a fear, you gotta face it. So on we went. 

As per usual, Grumpy didn’t do a single thing… while me, I was talking to him like his ears would fall off. If people would have heard me they would have thought I was a nutter. “It’s ok boy, we’re gonna do this”,” don’t worry, almost there now”. Haha. But it did work and we did survive our little field trip. With every little step, that fear is getting less. Hopefully by the end of summer we can make bigger field trips. 

Picture from last time we tried back in December… 


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