SGW Clusius 2017 – My first eventing experience


2017-05-13 13.25.13-3

Hope you’ve had a good weekend! As per usual nowadays mine been filled with all things horsy.

For the first time in my life I went to a eventing competition on Saturday. Manege Beukers and Clusius were organizing their yearly SGW which was also the qualifiers for the Dutch Eventing Championship. Lotte from my stable was going to compete, so I tagged a long to see how a day in a life of an eventer looks like.

I must say I’m so envious of the things she dares to do. She only 14, but the determination and winning mind that she has will take her far. She competed two horses yesterday, as one finished, it was straight onto the next one to compete that one. It does help a little that she’s not scared of a thing in the world. I often stand with my mouth open when she practices jumping 1.20m without hands back at the stable. Can’t wait to see how the National championship will go as she’s trough with one horse.

I was standing on the top of a hill taking the photo above and they told me the hill was used in the higher classes. pffft. If I were to try this I would probably close my eyes, pee my pants and squeal like a baby while Grumpy would take me around the course. For those that doesn’t know, Grumpy is an old eventing horse that used to compete internationally on 1star level. Knowing that the obstacles I saw yesterday were small compared to the ones he did I don’t understand how he did it.

2017-05-13 13.09.43-7

Eventing is so incredible cool! The atmosphere at the event was so different from the typical dressage competitions. People were really chilled, talked to each other and helped each other out if need to be. All the horses had their ears forward and seem to love life. Most of them were so used to tents, cars, people and so forth, so it was nice to be in an environment were everyone were just buzzing around. It was my first SGW competition, but definitely not my last.

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