Love is in the air 


Hope you’ve had a good Sunday. 

Mine was packed with nice stuff. First I went to the stable to let Grumpy out. He got to go outside with his friend FBI. He can be a bit “grumpy” towards horses he doesn’t like, but FBI is a part of his gang so they had a good little chat out there.

While he was outside I checked out a clinic given by one of the judges who often judge the competitions given at my stable. I must admit that I often don’t agree with her scores, but she gave a very good clinic. A lot of technical information I think a lot of the riders found useful.  

Thereafter I went to meet my new “aunt” kid. I’m the one in the group who will most likely never get children(own choice), but I get to be aunt for a cute little bunch so that’s nice. Feels good to give them back when they start screaming. Haha. 

Finishing this Sunday watching Designated survivor on Netflix. Only seen 3 episode, but it’s pretty good so far. Hope yours have been good as well! 


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