Easter cup



Today it was time for the yearly easter cup at my stable. I had originally made up my mind to compete in it a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately time ran out and suddenly the cup was here. So instead of competing I enjoyed it from the sideline.

Everything from starters level to medium advanced was competing. The only shame was that the lower levels were riding inside, which meant I couldn’t take more photos. I’m also realizing I need to buy a new lense for my camera so I can zoom properly. ah well, one for the wishlist.

Overall a real fun day at the stables. Before the competition began I had a ride on Grumpy. We are still getting used to riding outside alone, but it’s getting better and better. The list of improvements we have to fix is long, but instead of boring you with that I’ll show you some photos of today instead.


DSC_071511Hope you had a nice easter Monday to.


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