The use of several instructors 


Lately I’ve had a round or two with myself regarding my training and use of instructors. 

For the last half year when my main instructor was out having a baby I focused on only using one as I felt at the time that this was the best for me and Grumpy. However the last couple of weeks I’ve switched it up a bit and used different ones and I noticed quite quickly that one instructor can focus on something completely different then the next. I think it’s really easy to become compliant and feel that an instructor is on your side, when the truth is that the instructor might not even see the “faults” you do anymore. A human error. 

It’s a bit like you don’t see your own mess, your partner won’t notice those extra kilos you’ve gained and so forth. I think if you keep looking at the same thing for to long you don’t see the that specific tree in the bush anymore. 

Currently I use one instructor for sitting lessons(riding prettier), one for riding Grumpy better(over his back and so forth) and one for overall performance. In the beginning I must admit I felt delirious, so much information and so many different ways to ride. And gosh that first lesson when you get to hear that you need to do this, this and this better definitely ain’t fun, but now I’ve gotten into the flow of it, things are starting to fall into place. I think it’s good to switch it up now and then to get new perspectives. 

Even though we had a pretty crap ride today(Grumpy obviously thought he had Easter vacation), I keep learning every week. Forwards and upwards! 


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