He must have heard us talking 

Ola Ola, 

You know when you get into that typical riders dip when nothing feels right? That’s what we’ve been going through the last two weeks. I’ve literally felt like a complete newbie that had no clue what to do on a horse. Having to get into the routine that the vet subscribed after Grumpy got his massage has been taking a bit longer to get into then I thought. At the same time I’ve had a physio work on my back to get it straight so the riding felt completely strange.  

Today me and my boyfriend had a long discussion about the future of Grumpy and where I saw it going. As it wasn’t going very well of course those easy thoughts slips into your mind “should I sell him” ” should I lease him to someone who will ask and want less” and so forth and so forth. Even when I was saddling him today I was continuously thinking of horsesausage as he was so extremely annoying. But then, the bugger gives me a really nice ride and I realize why I bought him in the first place. And as easy as those negative thoughts slipped in, they slip out again as well. Haha. 

Hopefully this will be the end of the rut for now and we can start focusing on moving forward. 


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