First time riding 


Today I got the whole arena to myself and was preparing to ride some dressage tests. So I start warming up and somehow I got nervous and Mr. Grumpy got more and more hot. 

I literally felt like I was sitting on him for the first time and had no clue what I was doing. As we were walking around I could feel him tensing up under me. I thought they always said you don’t forget how to bike. Well that ain’t true when it comes to horse riding! 

I did try for a while to get him relaxed, but as I realized I didn’t manage to, I called on my instructor who luckily had time to help us out. With her we managed to get more relaxed and ended on a good note. Days like this makes you feel like you’ve got no clue, luckily I know by now that tomorrow there another day. Time to practice some more. 


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