10 things I wish people would have told me before I bought a horse 

1. You’re going to have blisters on places you thought wasn’t possible.

2. It does differ what underwear you use. Using lace? Ouch. 

3. You’re going to skip having vacations to pay for medical bills and other stuff for your horse.

4. When you finally have an amazing day riding, the next is probably going to be shit…. 

5. People are going to give you “advice” based on something they heard 20 years ago or outdated info.

6.  People that ride great are going to be timide and people that ride OK will be arrogant.

7. You’ll buy new blankets for your horse instead of new jeans for yourself. 

8. When you’ve finally learned something new, you’ll have a lifelong list of other things you need to learn riding wise. 

9. You’re washing machine is going to be full of horse hairs from the saddle pads.

10. Eventough you’ll be tired as hell after a long day at work or school seeing your horse is going to make you happy. 


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