My second passion : Music 

So as I wrote in my last post, I was going to try to be a bit more personal. So here we go. My second passion : music. Or more specifically – electronic music. 

Ibiza – 5 years ago or so

Since I was very little, music has been a huge passion of mine. Growing up my mom would play everything from Eminem to Norwegian jazz and I would watch old Frank Sinatra movies with my grandfather. However I never really felt I found what I loved before I started listening to electronic music. I remember sitting in my bedroom downloading this one track from dj snowman and felt that I had finally found what I had been looking for. Little did I know it would bring me far beyond my own bedroom. 

First properFirst proper party – summer festival Norway at age 16. Had black lenses in, no idea why.. Haha
As electronic music was seen as “drug music” in Norway at the time not many people were listening to it. I remember my friends in my hometown was laughing at me, cause I wasn’t listening to rock.  So I started finding friends online from all over the world that would share the same interest as me. 
Sensation White Copenhagen – think age 20

At age 16 I started traveling in Norway to go to events and at age 17 I went to the Netherlands for the first time to visit the festival Innercity. Family didn’t know as I was “sleeping at friends” that weekend. Hoho. …this was also where I met my boyfriend for the first time. 

New years eve Vietnam Hanoi

13 years on, I’ve lived in the Netherlands for 10 years. I’ve probably been to over 200 festivals and way more parties. Not only in the Netherlands, but all across the world.  

Summerlake festival in the Netherlands

Boyfriend worked at a golfcourse back then when I met him for the first time. Last weekend he dj’ed at ASOT Festival with over 25000 people.  He also coproduces the radio show ASOT which has millions of listeners every week. 
ASOT festival – RODG – Ruben de Ronde

Besides a boyfriend, the music also gave me the best friends I could ever ask for. Standing at festivals with them, dancing like there is no tomorrow, is the best feeling in the world. For me it’s the only time my mind shuts down beside horse riding. 

Southwest four – London U.K.

Last year I had a year off from partying as a lot happened, but this year I’m finally back at it. Last weekend I went to ASOT, and upcoming I got Dreamstate(U.K), Awakenings(NL),  Armin Only(NL) Eric Prydz(UK), Tomorrowland(BE), Ibiza and probably a couple where boyfriend is playing. Cant wait! 

Ultra music festival – Split Croatia

Looking back at these photos I realize how many insane festivals I’ve been to and great parties. So many good memories. A change of hair color as well. Haha 

If you like electronic music, don’t forget to holla 🙂 


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