Put some new shoes on 

Good evening and happy weekend, 

Hope you are having as chilled time as me, laying on the sofa eating M&m’s. 

Today it was time for Mr.Grumpy to get some new shoes. After having a  discussion with my farrier we came to the conclusion to try a new type of shoes this time. When his normal ones are getting worn out he has a tendency to start slipping on his back legs, which I’m definitely not a fan of as that kicks back into his back. So after some discussion we concluded we would try aluminum shoes. Apparently they are way lighter and gives a way better grip. So we shall see, they are at least very shiny. 

Probably should have cleaned and smeared the hooves before taking this picture. Haha

After he got new shoes it was time for a lesson with my instructor again. I truly wish Mr.Grumpy could get new shoes every week, as he walked better with the new ones. Unfortunately my bank account says “no ,thank you” to that… 

This time we went back to the basics and focused on me keeping my arms still and working more with my legs then my arms. To ensure he works from behind instead of with his front legs. Generally I like learning the flashy stuff like movements and so forth,  but have realized lately that bad looking flashy stuff is not really cool compared to a person who rides without you seeing it(when you don’t see the person giving the aids). I remember visiting the Young horse dressage championship last year and seeing an equestrian ride so still and harmonious. That will be my future goal for now. 

Hope you will have a great weekend. Tomorrow boyfriend is playing at a huge festival here in the Netherlands, so will write about that on Sunday(trying out that personal touch you know).


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