Snow fun 

Good evening,

Driving to the stable today I almost felt like I was back in Norway. Snow, sun,  nature and nice music. So nice! 

Mr.Grumpy got a day off. I was meant to have him on the lunge, but as the ground wasn’t trustworthy he got to chill. However as the weather was to nice to stay inside, we decided to go and have fun in the snow with his bestfriend. I was a bit afraid at first as he got 4 shoes on, but the snow luckily didn’t stick to much. 

He realized himself that it wasn’t the day for running around, so he went rolling around for a little and then came straight back to me.

Yep, he is dressed up like an Eskimo

We ended the playing session with a little tanning session and cuddle. 

Tomorrow it’s back to training again. Hope you had a lovely Sunday too! 


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