Dressage training & Noord-Holland region championship 


Happy Saturday everyone! 

Mine started with driving the boyfriend to the airport this morning. He is djing in Moscow tonight, so me and the nuggets(our cats) will have the house to ourself today. Not complaining, now I can watch The Kardashians without having someone moaning about it beside me. Haha 

Anyways, enough about today, let’s go back to yesterday. Yesterday was a day filled with horsey stuff. 

I started off having a private lesson by my  instructor(Kim Kranenburg – Mijn ruiterwereld). We went trough riding the circles perfectly and lastly tested out another dressage test. In my head I am still not where I want to be before I compete, but will I ever be? I’m being kicked in the ass to start competing now. So I just need to close my eyes and go for it. 

After cleaning up and getting in a pit stop to eat, on I went to the Noorderkoggeruiters in Benningbroek were the regionchampionship in dressage was held. 

If you’ve read this blog longer you might remember Lotte and the beautiful Friesian Wilma B who won the prelim to the region championship. Yesterday it was time to try to win the region championship. 

Wilma B is a 10 year old feisty friesian which is only 1.5 year under the saddle due to living her life on the fields for a long time. When she came to the stable she was very thin, no muscles and very spooky. 

Doing the equestrian dab

Unfortunately yesterday Wilma was a bit tired and therefore didn’t reach the top, but the work that Lotte(and the owners) has done with her has been great to follow. Wilma is now a completely different horse. She’s got fat(not too much)and muscles on her body and she’s far less spooky. She was also the only friesian competing yesterday which is pretty cool. Although it was an extremely cold(!) experience it was nice to be there to support. I’m sure we will see a lot more from this combination in the future! 

Now, Kim Kardashian and sofa, here we go! 



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