Stiff as a brick 

Ola Ola, 

Anyone else than me addicted to the tv series The O.A? I started watching it last night and completely lost track of time. 

Boy did I feel that this morning when not one bone of me wanted to get out of bed. The serie is really good so far though, so for those liking a bit weird sci-fi stuff it’s a good one. 

Another one who was having a hard day today was Mr.Grumpy. He was so incredible stiff that for the first 30 min that I was on him I was contemplating calling on my instructor to help me out. 

Horse grumpy bucas

But then I figured out I had to do it myself if I wanted to call myself a proper horse owner. So on we went with loads of transitions, excellerations and sideways movements and little by little he got better. It took me about an hour to get him relaxed, but at least we got there. You know, that turtle that won the race? Haha . In the end we got to practice the left canter transition as well. I am practicing to get him into the canter wherever I want. Three corners went alright, but the last one I probably had to do ten times before he did it, but at least we got there. Afterwards we spent a long time to slow down to avoid his muscles turning sour. 

Horse bridle schockemöhl

After the session he got some snacks with vitamins to help with his muscles plus he stayed under his therapy rug for a while. Considering trying out the solarium/sunbed tomorrow to see if it will help him a little. 

Grumpy therapy Recuptex Bucas

I am happy that I decided to go on by myself. It feels good knowing that I can now get him relaxed on my own, which wouldn’t be possible a half a year ago. My own riding today was both good and bad. My hands are slowly moving towards where they should be without to much movement, but I still give to much aids which I need to work on. Luckily tomorrow is another day and another day to practice to getting better. 

Boyfriend is gone for the next two days because of a radio show, so this lady is going to enjoy a Melanzane I just made and some Netflix series. 

Hope you’ll have a good evening. 


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