I ride a horse, therefore I am a great rider 

Throughout my life as a handball player/coach and during my time working for the largest sport company in the world, I’ve met a lot of athletes. From athletes that are starting out in their sport to athletes competing at the olympics.

Not one of these athletes has ever come across the way a lot of the equestrians I meet do. Why is it that most equestrians completely miss out when it comes to judging their own abilities as a rider? And where on earth does all the cockyness come from?

I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to a person bragging about their riding skills and then seen them ride afterwards and not been able to see any of what they’ve just told me. Same goes for people that loves to give you tips on your riding and then you see them ride and wonder what on earth their doing on a horse. Don’t you realize that the minute you step on that horse I will see if you got skills or not? There is no hiding from that point on. 

If you can explain so well how to do it, why can’t you do it yourself? 

Maybe this is the explanation to it all. It’s hard to see how you look like while on a horse. You think you look like this :

While in reality you look like this:

I personally only listen to riding advice given by professionals who I’ve seen riding a horse well or that I know have a track record with horses. Why? Cause most of the time(leaving out the occasional idiot) they know what their talking about. 

You’re never done learning as an equestrian. Even Charlotte Dujardin says she learns something new everyday, and if the Olympic gold medalist says that, then it applies for us too 😉

Let your riding to the speaking, not your mouth please. 


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