Failing at taking photos 


Hope you all are having a good Monday! Mine started fresh and early at the stable taking Mr.Grumpy for a ride. 

He was super good today. We are becoming more of a team everyday and he is relaxing a bit more everyday which is also a good thing. 

I only got to learn the boy some obedience. Today I turned away for one second and this happened: 

Guess the boy loves its food. 

Since it’s been freezing in the Netherlands like forever we couldn’t lunge for a long time, but yesterday I could finally do it again. I was meant to take photos of how he has been gaining wheights and muscles to make a comparison, but someone Ehm me, completely failed at the photo taking. I’ve got 50 photos of him on the lunge and not one of them are good. Here is the best one: 

The rest was something ala this : 

Ehm what?

Ah well, I will have to try again another day. The whole point was to point out that he has gained wheight and muscles since we started with some more food and muesli. We are going in the right direction! 

Now it’s pancake time, yum! Have a nice evening.


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