Good evening. 

As mentioned yesterday it was time for Mr.Grumpy to go to the dentist today. Just like me he totally hates the dentist and even hearing the sound down the hallway makes him nervous and spooky. 

So this morning I went to ride him early to make sure he was a bit tired before it was time for the dentist. The riding wasn’t anything special. I worked on loosening him up and making him tired so didn’t focus on anything specific besides that. Afterwards he got to eat a bit before he got sedated. 

Unfortunately it’s not possible to go to the dentist with him without it,  but it does work it’s charm. He did have some sharp teeth that had to be filed down, but for the rest it was all good. Afterwards he got to sleep out his sedation for a long while. Can’t be easy being that stoned, haha. 

The dentist that we had today has been following Mr.Grumpy since he was around four years old and could tell me that he was a case of wanting too much too fast. He was expected to do a lot at a very young age and if he didn’t he would be punished. So if you want a nervy horse like Mr.Grumpy that’s the way to go. It saddens me when people don’t see the difference in discipline and animal abuse.   It’s definitely a fine line. 


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