Why is Mr.Grumpy called Mr.Grumpy?

Good thing I’m not planning on selling him otherwise this would be a really bad advertisement for him. But so why do I call Mr.Grumpy?

1. I hate everyone, except for a few 

Mr.Grumpy would definitely belong to the cool group at school if he was a human. Only a few horses are ok. The rest are out to kill him. He particularly hate frisians or small quick horses. He prefers females or his best friend Tristan. 

2. I’m going to hang if you put me there 

If your going to brush or do something special to him, it’s better not to put him on the chains. Then he will either stand on his back legs or freak out completely. Hence why I generally saddle him alone by the closet so he can stand freely and look. 

3. Don’t touch me 

I unfortunately don’t know too much about Mr.Grumpys past, but if you touch him in the wrong places he will either bite or kick you. His stomach is definitely a sensitive area. I’ve been working on it for a couple of months now, so now I’m allowed to touch and brush him there without him lifting his leg, but putting a blanket on him, oh my….

4. Vets & dentist 

Pffft. Going to the vet or dentist is definitely not a walk in the park, it’s a big fat nightmare. Tomorrow he is going to the dentist and will have to be sedated to do so. Taking a blood test generally takes 3-4 people if you want to be quick. 

5. My precious 

On one side it’s rather sweet, on the other extremely annoying. If he feels that I am in any circumstance not safe he will protect me. This means attacking any dog or horse that comes to close. Only issue is that he forgets me in the middle of it and can easily jump on me instead of away from me. 

In the beginning when I had just bought Mr.Grumpy I thought I had bought a nightmare. I was such a newbie and he really reacted to that, but now that I’m used to it I know how to move and be around him so we don’t have any issues anymore. He is definitely a horse with a manual, but on the other side he is the perfect learning horse. He is really safe outside, won’t buck you off and will give you all he’s got. He can also be quite funny and is great with children. He is definitely not a boring one! 


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