Travers – lateral movements 

Good evening,

A bit of a late one today, but I wanted to share this picture below that might also help you guys out how it helped me. Mostly how I do it when I want to learn new movements is that I check out other riders(people I know do them well) and YouTube videos that include explanation. However sometimes it’s a bit hard to see how the back of the horse should really be positioned, which I think this picture shows very well. 

Unfortunately I only have it in Dutch, but think it’s pretty self explanatory. 

Today’s lesson started a bit slow, think Mr.Grumpy was a bit stiff and had a bit of pain in his back as his movements weren’t like they were last week. However after a proper warmup he felt better and we did some pretty decent travers. Luckily for me he is pretty good at them so I can learn from him. My own riding was so so today, I was quite tired which translated into flying arms and legs again. Gotta find a way to keep those hands still. If you got tips, feel free to holla.


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