When you got nothing to do 

Good evening. 

Hope you all have had a nice Sunday. 

This morning I was meant to go to another preselection for the Dutch dressage championship, but when the alarm went off at 8 I didn’t understand where I was or what was ringing. So when I finally came to reality I turned it off, turned around and slept till 11. Haha. Well it’s Sunday after all. 

Mr.Grumpy got a well deserved day off today. He has been great the whole week, so think it was good for him to get a low key day. Outside the ground was freezing and inside there was a dressage contest, so we couldn’t do so much anyway. But instead of leaving him in the box we went for a little stable stroll, so he could cuddle with his best friend. 

Thereafter we did a proper spa treatment. Cleaned the legs and smeared in the hooves, cut the upper as well as the lower part of the tail.

 And then you guys, I thought I was going to be good and cut his mane. I think we all should be very happy I’m not a hairdresser. Cause now Mr.Grumpy looks a little bit like this :


I don’t know how people cut manes so straight with those curved scissors. I’m going to buy a straight one. Yep, im totally blaming it on the scissor. What else could I blame? Myself? Naaah never. 

I remember when I was 12 and a hairdresser did the same to me. I went home crying to my grandfather who just looked at me and said “if you are going to sit there and cry over a little bit of hair, you’re going to have a very hard life”. 

Luckily it’s just hair and it will grow out again. I can already hear my instructor tomorrow though “why on earth is it so short”, just like last time. Haha. Can’t wait. 

Have a nice evening!


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