Dumb and dumber 

Sometimes my own stupidity really amazes me.

Yesterday I had to be a bit quick after riding Mr.Grumpy and normally if I take of the bridle and hold open his box door he walks straight in. However yesterday the big man thought he would be funny and decided to not go into his box, but instead decided to walk backwards and to the door that leads out of the stable.

His box door automatically closes so standing there trying to hold open the door while making him walk in, was not the easiest task. Probably for five min I was walking back and forward to open the door and back behind him to make him go in. In the end someone else had to come and help me. Misses helpless over here. Haha


The reason why I had to be quick was because I was going to a clinic of Marlon van Wissen that one of the instructors of my stable(Christa) was riding in. She rides zz-licht which equals advanced medium in Germany or England(why don’t we have the same levels in each country?) so I got to see a lot of stuff Im far away from doing, but want to learn. Eventough it was very cold(last time I’m whining Simon!) it was really useful. Marlon has a really good way of explaining things that makes it easier to understand. Had a really nice Friday eve with the team.


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