Taking it slow 

You know that feeling when things don’t work out and you get all stressed, throw your hands up in the air and consider crying? That’s how I feel about left canter. 

“Random video from today. Glad he took it slow as the ground was frozen”

But today, today Mr. Grumpy decided to listen to me. Which meant we could do transitions till we turned green in our faces without any problems. Instead of making him go really hard and wish that he falls into canter(yes, very professional) I decided to take it slow to see if that worked and it did! That feeling when you manage to do something you’ve been wanting to do since forever is so good. Now just let hope he will be this good tomorrow as well. 

After the workout he got his well deserved muesli with carrots. 

Now I’m going out to celebrate my bestfriend’s birthday in Amsterdam. Can’t be all horses all the time!

Hope you have a nice evening! 


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